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Island Walk,

You will experience the sheer beauty and ruggedness of one of Europe’s most westerly points. The Inishkea Islands, just off the coast, are steeped in a mythology and history that will sweep the most modern thinking person back to the past. These Islands were once home to a whaling station that landed 800+ whales at the turn of the last century.The Islands have a unique, if harsh, habitat for the 200 plant species and over 85 types of resident and migrating birds been recorded. 

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On South lnishkea there is a tall cross-slab with an elaborate design, south of the harbour. North of the harbour there are two concentric circles of small stones with a cross-pillar in the centre and to the west the foundations of a small church. At Port a' Leachta there is a holy well dedicated to St. Deirbhle. A heap of white stones gives it the name Port a' Leachta.

Godstone The  Godstone, or the Naomhög is a small stone figure of unknown origin, much revered by the islanders and credited with supernatural powers. They claimed it was equally powerful in calming a tempest when their own boats were at sea, or raising one to bring them a wreck when a ship passed close by the island.

On the south-west of  North lnishkea  there are the remains of a small church, dedicated to St. Colmcille in the early Christian period. The most conspicious features of the islands are three large dunes, known locally as the Baileys - the Bailey Mór, Bailey Beag and Bailey Dóighte, located on the east of the island.


The lowlying coasts of the islands are home to large numbers of grey seal while sharp-eyed visitors can see Dolphins, Whales and Basking sharks out to sea.

Inishglora is associated with a celebrated fable in Irish mythology, 'The Children of Lir' doomed to wander the waters of Ireland for 900 years as enchanted singing swans, spending their last 300 here before regaining human form and withering to dust.


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